Refinance or Purchase Your next Home… NOW! ??


Preferred Lenders

Hey Mike,

I just quoted one of your clients a conforming 30 year at 2.875% with a $1500 lender credit toward closing costs on their home purchase!

Friends, I care about you. That’s why I am sending this message.

Rates are below 3%. I’ve never seen 3.0% before. Ever! For sure, in the last 20 years as a full-time full-service Realtor®!

Please be careful and do not remortgage your home to pay off credit cards and/or vehicles just to reduce your monthly payments. I have had friends/clients and I told them not to do that in the past and lost their homes due to that. If you do not pay for your car or credit cards they do not repo your house last I heard, check with your attorney.

Call/text me at 8436976783

Inflation is 2.5%, this is like free money!